11 Best AI Chatbots for Sales and Support in 2021

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ai chatbot for sales

With an AI Sales Bot, businesses can ensure round-the-clock availability for their customers. Whether it’s a query in the middle of the night or during a peak sales period, an AI Sales Bot is always ready to assist. Prompt responses to customer inquiries not only improve customer satisfaction but also contribute to higher sales conversion rates. A sales bot can act as a virtual sales representative, interacting with customers through messaging platforms, websites, or mobile applications. It can handle customer inquiries, provide product information, offer personalized recommendations, and assist with the sales process.

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There are a few types of chatbots used by companies today, two of the most common are pre-programmed bots and artificially intelligent (AI) bots. 75% of executives plan to adopt an AI chatbot solution in the next two years. Don’t get left behind, implement a sales chatbot and watch your ROI rapidly rise. When selecting an AI platform, go for one that is reliable and has a proven track record of success. After all, no matter how good the features are, if the technology isn’t reliable then it won’t be able to effectively support your sales team.


It also provides businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be leveraged to improve sales and marketing strategies. IBM’s AI chatbot for sales offers a comprehensive suite of tools that can help you manage leads, create personalized experiences and generate dynamic reports. AI sales bots can be incredibly effective if they are fed the right information. Collect customer feedback, analyze their behavior, and use this to create a personalized experience for each individual.

ai chatbot for sales

ProProfs Chatbot lets you provide quick support to your customers and capture high-quality leads through chat on your website. This interactive chatbot platform connects you with your customers round the clock, 24×7, with no friction. 24X7 customer support becomes highly crucial when you are running a global business. Since these are AI- programmed bots, this means uninterrupted service round the clock without any leave. From capturing the potential leads, to guiding them for what they need by interacting with them like humans, there’s a lot that chatbots for sales do to increase business.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, and sales is no exception. With the advent of conversational AI for sales, companies are harnessing the power of automation to boost their drive revenue growth. In this blog, we will explore how an AI Sales Bot, also known as AI sales assistants, can help increase sales by leveraging AI automation. The Leader of the Romanian agribusiness market deploys DRUID AI chatbots to automate sales processes.

  • Also, research shows that brands who reply to their potential customers within an hour of receiving a query are seven times more likely to qualify the prospect.
  • The bot can write a general greeting, such as asking the lead if they need help with anything.
  • Drift positions itself as an AI-powered demand-generation tool that businesses can use to personalize experiences, and eventually increase its quality pipeline, revenue, and customers.
  • Also, be sure to read online reviews and compare features to find the chatbot that’s right for you.
  • What’s actually surprising though, is that there are many cases when customers don’t want to speak to a real person, and this is where a chatbot can be ideal.
  • Even if a customer comes in with an issue they know needs to be escalated, your bot can still set everyone up for success.

By automating routine tasks like answering common customer queries, it can significantly reduce the workload of sales teams. This frees up sales teams to focus on more complex tasks like closing deals and building customer relationships. They can also provide 24/7 customer support, ensuring that customers receive timely responses to their inquiries, even outside of normal business hours. With automated chatbots, you get faster time to revenue, higher quality leads, more engaged customers, and higher sales productivity. Chatbots augment your sales teams’ strategies to improve customer engagement on your site and increase their satisfaction. If you have a live chat agent in your eCommerce store to assist customers, they usually are available 24/7.

Why is chat marketing such an effective way to sell products online?

Website and social media chatbots are excellent channels for curious consumers to ask questions, give information, and connect with your sales team. The fully automated chatbots come with AI and NLP features, making it a powerful chatbot for eCommerce businesses to boost their sales. You can establish an omnichannel customer support by integrating it with several channels, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

ai chatbot for sales

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